Product Description

What is FLUISORB®?

A high-performance oil absorber granulate with an extremely high absorption capacity. Absorbs leaked oil and other fluids very quickly, safely and inexpensively. FLUISORB®


Product Characteristics

How does FLUISORB® work?

FLUISORB® is a type III R oil absorption granulate consisting of cellulose and cotton with the pore structure of the Kalle sponge cloth.


Areas of Use

Regardless of whether a vehicle accident takes place on the road, on company premises, in warehouses or in production halls: FLUISORB® absorbs spilt fluids such as diesel, petrol, hydraulic oil and many fluid chemicals quickly and thoroughly.


Practical Experiences

The fast absorption and great capacity of FLUISORB® in the case of fluids ensures a dry and safe surface and reduces disposal and transport costs.